Useful Websites

Parental help and support for your child.

Please see below some useful websites that can offer a wealth of information, advice and resources to help you support your child.
TLC is an Essex campaign helping parents, carers and families give their young children the best start to life, developing their communication skills through playful learning at home.
Services and support for special educational needs and disability
Information about support services and local opportunities for children and young people with SEND – find what you need all in one place.
Communication is the most fundamental life skill for children and young people. ICAN offer practical advice to parents who are concerned about their children.

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Essex Safeguarding and Children Board.
Wealth of information on child safety and safeguarding and how to report concerns.

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Age specific advice on children (from 0) staying safe online.
Online tips, advice and resources for children aged 3+.
Find out how to keep your children safe online (under the resources section) from the Two Johns.
Mental health problems affect about 1 in 10 children and young people. This website offers parents advice on what to look for and how to support your child.
Provides information about all that is on offer in Essex to improve health and wellbeing.
Find fun ideas to help your children stay healthy.
Some Ideas and advice for children under 5 to be physically active.
Help and advice on potty training.
Understand the importance of sleep and some tips for a restful night.
Tips on isolation and mental health