Our Aims & Objectives

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Our Pre-school aims to

  • Promote the social and educational needs and interests of each individual child
  • Provide a happy, secure and stimulating environment
  • Ensure each child feels a valued member of our community and setting
  • Encourage self confidence and independence
  • Always follow the Early Years Foundation Stage of the National Curriculum
  • Actively promote the equality and inclusion of each child and their family
  • Work as a team with parents and carers


Young children will have a wide range of different experiences, skills and interests when they join our setting. We aim to produce a well planned and resourced curriculum to take their learning forward, building on what children already know, can do and where their interests are. Provide opportunities for all children to succeed in a happy atmosphere of care and of feeling valued, showing each child they are accepted as an individual. Offer rich and stimulating experiences where all children can explore, experiment, plan and make decisions for themselves, enabling them to learn and develop the skills to help prepare them for school within a safe and secure play environment.

We will provide opportunities for all children and their families/carers to be directly involved with their children’s activities, progress and achievements.

Our philosophy is to provide well planned play in which all children learn with enjoyment and challenge. Building on their natural curiosity, interests and creativity. Supporting their needs enabling them to achieve and feel good about what they have accomplished.
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