Our daily routine involves a three hour session available to children from two to five years old with our doors opening at 9.15am (prompt arrival does help children settle easier).
On arrival…
 Parents write the time on our attendance sheet in the foyer
 Children find their names on the board and post into the box.
 They then join our circle and take part in “show and tell” at registration. (If our new, younger children would rather investigate and play – that is to be expected).

During the morning the children can participate or take part in an adult-led activity. They can access the garden area at any time. Children do have to ask to go to the toilet and are accompanied by an adult but we do encourage independence.

Our session finishes with ring games, a group story, singing, bike races, group discussion etc.

Children need to bring a coat with their NAME clearly marked inside and suitable footwear for all weathers – closed shoes or trainers with velco are best.

During the afternoon sessions for older children we sometimes access other areas in the local community eg. a walk around the Millennium Park, a visit to the swings & slides or running & active games on the field surrounding the park.

Our snack bar opens for an hour at around 10.00am, during which time the children can choose when to eat. We serve a variety of healthy foods which can include breadsticks, bread & butter, crackers, malt loaf, cheese, cereals, a selection of fruits with milk and water. The children are encouraged to help themselves, spreading their own butter and pouring their drinks.

Change Bag
If your child is wearing nappies when they join us, please ensure they have a NAMED change bag which contains nappies, wipes, bags etc. Please DO NOT leave any medication, sun creams, rash creams etc. in the bag as these are kept in the foyer and are accessible during the morning by children.
Sun cream should be applied by parents/carers before children arrive at preschool (we do not administer).
It is also a good idea to provide a change of clothing for general use as the children do play with water, paint, glue and drinks are also often spilt.

If your child requires any form of medication you should talk to a member of staff. Most medication requires a care plan eg. Asthma and will need to be discussed and completed with the Manager. All asthma medication needs to be kept on the premises at preschool at all times when your child is attending in case of an attack. If we do not have the medication we will not admit your child.

If your child has suffered sickness or diarrhea they cannot attend preschool and must be free of illness for 48 hours before returning. If your child has a temperature, please do not send them into preschool until this returns to normal and any virus has passed. Childhood illnesses all have an incubation period which is set by Ofsted – if you are in doubt please ring the preschool for advice.

Library Books
During the sessions the children may choose a book from our library to take home which we ask you to return in their book bag when you have finished with it (normally the next week).

Lunch Club
We run a lunch club immediately after session every day for half an hour. This ends at 12.45pm and is available for those approaching 3 years plus. If you book this and pay half termly in advance, the cost is £1.75 per day. If you book on the day and use occasionally to fit in with other commitments the cost is £2.00 on the day at drop off. You will need to bring their lunch and drink, ideally in a thermal bag to keep cool. Please cut cherry tomatoes, grapes, olives etc in half to avoid choking.

Home Time
At the end of each session we try to write on the board outside to inform you what we have been doing that morning. We leave your children’s work (paintings, gluing, drawings) etc. on the tables in the foyer for your to take home. We may keep a ‘key’ piece of work for their developmental folder.

Only authorised parents/carers may collect children. If you have completed the alternative collection form in the foyer we will ask the collector for the appropriate password. If a person arrives to collect a child and they do NOT have any authorisation we will not let the child leave and we will telephone you immediately.

If you are going to be unavoidably late, please telephone preschool to let us know. There is a fine for children not collected after 15 minutes and a procedure in the policies for those parents who we have not heard from and cannot contact.

Throughout the year we hold coffee mornings at the end of the autumn term where the children wear Christmas fancy dress and perform a small concert. We also hold a Teddy Bear picnic, a Christmas party and summer end of term party for the children. We offer a summer day trip, and a Christmas Pantomime for parents and children. We believe that such activities are of great importance in supporting your child’s development. We also have a photographer visit twice yearly.

We involve ourselves with community life – taking part in the Village Fair, the Summer Parade, making a Guy for Bonfire night etc. We also run two Nearly New Sales per year – normally March and October which we ask you to support by either selling or buying toys/books/clothing for children.

We have strong links with Blackmore School which include visits to the school to watch their Christmas performance, visits from the Reception teacher, and a visit during the summer to help aid a smooth transition to school when the time comes.

We have a non-compulsory uniform consisting of green polo shirts and sweatshirts with our logo. We feel this gives the children a sense of belonging. These can be purchased directly from Pre-school – ask a staff member.

Our fees are currently £15.00 per morning (3 hours). This is invoiced half termly and is required to be paid in advance by cheque, cash or direct debit. We do accept childcare vouchers but you will need to liaise directly with the treasurer to ensure we are registered with the scheme you are using.

Failure to pay the invoice by the date shown on the bill will result in a £10.00 fee being administered. Repeat offenders will receive a £20.00 fine etc. (see our policies)

Your child is eligible for government funding from the term following their 3rd birthday. eg. if your child is born in October your funding will commence the following January.

Some families may be eligible for 2 year old funding – please speak to the manager.

Our session times are:

Monday – Friday 9.15am – 12.15
Monday & Thursday 12.15 – 15.15
Tuesday 9.15-.15.15

Lunch Club:
Monday – Friday 12.15 – 12.45pm

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